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What is NEM?



Cryptoasset NEM, which trades under the ticker (XEM-USD), in fact represents “New Economy Movement.” NEM is a custom-made blockchain and not a fork of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

nem logo

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Purpose and Classification

NEM looks for to be pertinent to business, and concentrates on safe records, service management applications, and its currency platform. To this end they provide personal and public options. From their site:

How do I select public vs. personal NEM blockchain?

NEM is uncommon in using both public and personal blockchain release choices for unbelievable versatility to personalize your option for your requirements. Both options utilize the exact same underlying code and are 100% API suitable, offering extra versatility and future-proofing.

NEM Homepage

NEM declares to be a Blockchain for Enterprise, Smart Asset System, Open Crypto Platform and the list simply keeps going. With their vast technical paperwork it’s clear individuals have actually invested a great deal of time in this job, however I question scope creep.

If you are a visual student, David Hay made a great video about NEM that covers a great deal of the bases in simply a couple of minutes.

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Age,History, Status

NEM was revealed to the Bitcointalkforum site in June2014 Since then the platform had a rise of interest in the cryptoboom, and has actually considering that appeared to fade a bit.

For example, this time in 2015 NEM remained in the number 7 slot, simply above the now notorious Bitconnect scam In the last 12 months they have actually fallen 10 areas to number 17, where they sit now.

nem historical

Source: Historical Snapshot, October 22, 2017 – Coinmarketcap


NEM is configured mostly in Java and Java Script, which is a distinct option. Many have actually raised issues about the security of the JVM and of JavaScript But the benefit of doing this is that it allows NEM to be rapidly available to the huge quantities of developers who are utilizing these languages every day.

But has NEM had the ability to turn this into a competitive benefit? I’m not so sure. For remaining in the top 20 of all cryptoassets, they appear to be doing not have in designer activity. Let’s have a look.

nem dev activity, all projects

Source: GitHub

Here’s the pulse of their 2 most popular jobs focused a bit.

nem pulse

Source: GitHub

It’s not looking helpful for the house group, folks. There hasn’t been a single devote to either of NEM’s most popular jobs in the last month.

An active job like Ethereum or Bitcoin would have 30-40 authors pressing 80-100 dedicates each month. See listed below:

BitcoinDevelopment – last 30 days

bitcoin development

Source: GitHub

EthereumDevelopment – last 30 days

ethereum devs

Source: GitHub

Even when we take a look at other jobs around the exact same size, Zcash (ZEC-USD) for instance, which can be found in number 19 had 8 authors pressing over 60 dedicates in the lat 30 days.

ZcashDevelopment – last 30 days

zcash devs

Source: GitHub

So, when it pertains to software application advancement – I discover XEM doing not have in both their option of programs language and their activity levels. These are the indications of a cryptocurrency that has actually seen much better days.

Lastly, if you’re believing this might be like the Litecoin (LTC-USD) circumstance, where code is just imported later on – we need to bear in mind that unlike Litecoin, NEM can’t simply copy in code from the Bitcoin job. NEM is absolutely various, so this simply isn’t a possibility. They require to compose their own code, and this is something that needs a great deal of work. When the marketplace is down, it’s a good time to simply put in the work and code, however it appears like this chance is not being caught in this case.


NEM is the 17 th most important cryptoasset by market capitalization, right in between Ethereum Classic (ETC-USD) and Tezos (XTZ-USD).

nem market cap

Source: coinmarketcap


NEM is noted on numerous exchange, such as Zaif and HitBTC, however most of trading occurs on Binance (BNB-USD).

nem exchanges

Source: coinmarketcap

In regards to everyday trading volume, NEM is greater than Tezos (by an aspect of 4), however much lower than Ethereum Classic (has just 1/20 th of the volume of ETC).


NEM does not have mining, and rather counts on a system of deals costs and node benefits to incentivize individuals in staking and collecting (NEM does not call this procedure Proof of Stake, picking rather to call it “Proof of Importance”). In order to take part in this procedure nevertheless, you should have 10,000 XEM “vested,” which at today’s rate corresponds to a financial investment of about $1,000 USD.

Essentially, this procedure includes securing XEM tokens for an amount of time in order to gather deals costs from other users and to vest your XEM that are unvested (at a rate of 10% daily).

If you wish to attempt this yourself, you can follow this tutorial here:

Source: YouTube

There are 8,999,999,999 XEM out there, and this quantity is totally distributing. This is the cap of XEM that will exist (absolutely no financial inflation).


One favorable thing on the security front is the NEM group’s usage of Test Driven Development, or TDD. If you’re not a developer, this might seem like something you receive from stepping on a rusty nail, however in truth it’s a procedure of coding to fulfill test requirements. With this method you compose the tests prior to you compose the code. In so doing, you guarantee that the job is providing upon the concurred upon objectives which you have complete test protection. This has proven to be useful in a variety of situations, in which code quality was revealed to be enhanced.

However, as I discussed Java and Java Script are not understood for their security, so I need to offer a couple of demerit points for that.

NEM boasts about their security design with the following blurb.

nem security

Source: NEM homepage

You might be questioning, “What the heck is Eigentrust?” Well, Eigentrust is a system of developing trust with peers utilizing a kind of credibility scoring. You can consider this in the exact same method that we tend to trust or not rely on individuals on Seeking Alpha based upon their variety of fans, posts composed, likes, editor’s choices, and so on

NEM has stated it’s Eigentrust++, which I’m thinking is their own exclusive application of this system. If you understand more about this, please post something in the remark area due to the fact that I’d like to understand more.

NEM utilizes elliptic curve cryptography, like numerous other cryptocurrencies.

Each account is a personal+ public Ed25519 keypair … and is connected with a mutable state that is upgraded when deals are accepted by the network. Accounts are determined by NEM addresses, which are obtained in part from one method anomalies of Ed25519 public secrets. – NEM Tech Ref


I was unable to find a whitepaper for this job, however they do have a Technical Reference Guide, which seems practically the exact same thing. On the very first page we checked out:

NEM is a motion that intends to empower people by developing a brand-new economy based upon the concepts of decentralization, monetary liberty, and equality of chance. – NEM Technical Reference Guide

TheTechnical Reference Guide is rather prolonged, being available in at 54 pages, compared to the 9 pages Satoshi took to describe Bitcoin.

I’m not exactly sure when it ended up being stylish to begin consisting of elegant typefaces and quotes from antiquity on every page, however if you enjoy that example, it’s all over this “Technical Reference Guide.”


Source: NEM Technical Reference Guide


TheNEM subreddit neighborhood is relatively active, with 18.3 k customers.

nem subreddit


Now on Twitter, this job is eliminating it with over 200 k fans.

nem twitter


If you compare NEM to Tezos in this regard (recall that Tezos is the job being available in right under NEM in market cap), we can see that NEM has a much more powerful platform with almost 5x as numerous fans. Some of this we might need to forgive Tezos for, considering that they just introduced this year nevertheless.


For being as gently traded, and as gently established as they are, NEM appears to be extremely enthusiastic. I suggest, if you think of Bitcoin, it’s made complex enough simply to find out how to effectively, securely and without an intermediary transfer worth in between 2 individuals. The NEM platform wishes to be a personal blockchain, an open source blockchain, and a possession platform.

I’m not stating you can’t do all those things, however till they’re being successful at one possibly they need to tone it down a bit. Falling from number 7 to number 17 in one year need to be an eye opener for the group.


I’m not prepared to damn NEM out of package. It’s stating something that they’re even still around after 4 years. This makes them almost a dinosaur in the cryptocurrency area. The volumes of technical paperwork, tutorials, marketing products, news posts and such do reveal that there are individuals devoted to this job. So, possibly they will recuperate and discover their specific niche.

However, at this moment I’m not exactly sure what NEM’s specific niche is. There are now numerous staking coins, great deals of platforms for moving possessions, and much of their usage cases might be served by other rivals. For example, their personal blockchain has really little awareness when compared to R3, Corda, and Hyperledger As a public blockchain, they see light trading volume, and to me, they simply appear a bit unfocused and uninteresting.

I hope you discovered this helpful, and if you need to know more, examine the links throughout this post. Do you own NEM? Am I missing out on something? Go ahead and publish a remark in the area listed below.




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