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What is Digibyte (DGB)?

Digibyte (DGB)


Welcome to Cryptoassets Explained, the brand-new post series in which I offer you a brief however significant photo of a few of the most popular cryptocurrencies and blockchain tasks.

This is the very first post in the series, and I will be beginning by describing the tasks that my readers have actually inquired about in the remark area and in direct messages. If you would like a specific job covered, simply connect and I’ll include your demand to the line.

In this series I’m going to examine cryptoassets by concentrating on these essential locations noted below. This list is not always in the order of significance.

  • Purpose and category
  • Age, history and present state of the job
  • Software advancement
  • Market capitalization
  • Exchange liquidity
  • Token issuance design
  • Security design
  • Whitepaper
  • Community
  • Criticism

I will try to stay neutral as I describe these cryptoassets. My main goal is to offer you a location to begin your journey. If you discover the job fascinating, then you can utilize the links that I supply to dig much deeper.

Purpose and Classification

Digibyte(DGB-USD) is a UTXO based cryptocurrency, in similar vein as Bitcoin (BTC-USD), however with a couple of essential distinctions.

A side note about UTXO

In case you’re not familiar, UTXO describes Unspent Transaction Output UTXOs resemble physical dollars and cents. If I have a $20 costs in my pocket, and I wish to pay $4 for an americano, I need to hand the $20 costs to the cashier, who makes modification for me. In regards to a digital currency this implies I send you more than I require to, and you send me alter back in the exact same deal. We both sign off, you get your quantity and I get my own. This method varies from the design that Ethereum (ETH-USD) utilizes, in which I can “slice” you off any quantity I wish to and we do not need to fret about the modification address for you to return to me.


From the Digibyte site:

DigiByte is a More Secure,

this declaration is indicated to distinguish Digibyte from Bitcoin Digibyte declares to be more protected, forward believing, and to process deals 40 x faster than Bitcoin.

Digibyte gets its speed benefit in the exact same method that Litecoin does, by just dropping the block time. With Bitcoin blocks are released every 10 minutes, Litecoin has 2.5 minute blocks, and Digibyte has 15 2nd blocks.

This method does accelerate the procedure, however it likewise has actually ramification for dispersed agreement.

Taxonomy Classification

Digital Currency

digibyte logo

Source: Github assets

Age,History, Current Status

Digibyte was introduced in January of 2014, that makes DGB rather old in regards to the cryptocurrency area. If we take a look at the rate action and volume, we can see that regardless of the recession in the market, DGB has actually been traded more actively considering that around July 2017.

digibyte price history



Digibyte has wallets for several gadgets, which is actually a good function. It might sound easy, however lots of cryptocurrency tasks are still command line just, or just have a customer for Linux, making them not likely to be utilized by simple mortals.

digibyte wallets


Digibyte is open source, which is another great indication. You can see their code on Github,here Let’s have a look at their activity levels for the last 30 days.

github activity pulse


At very first glimpse, this looks bad. One author pressed one dedicate in the last month? However, we require to recognize that Digibyte is a UTXO based cryptocurrency, so they can share particular parts of their code with Bitcoin This implies that brand-new code being composed to the Bitcoin repository can be incorporated after the reality, making today appearance more “dead” than it in fact is. I made this mistake when examining Litecoin’s (LTC-USD) code base, and I dealt with not to make that exact same error once again.

Let’s compare Digibyte’s factors to those of Bitcoin.

dgb and btc code

Source: Digibyte Github and Bitcoin Github

What a coincidence! The exact same factors in the exact same order, the exact same start date, and noticeably comparable charts of contributions. I believe it’s safe to state Digibyte is in fact a fork of Bitcoin, although it does not state so on their site. There’s absolutely nothing actually incorrect with this, after all Bitcoin is open source. But I believe that maybe the marketing group might be spinning this like it’s an independent job when in reality it relies greatly on code being composed forBitcoin In other words, if Bitcoin was to stop working, Digibyte would have no place to import their code from.

Market capitalization

Digibyte is the 36 th cryptocurrency on, with an overall market cap of $261 M. The optimum supply of DGB is 21 B, compared to 21 M inBitcoin The flowing supply is simply north of 10 B since October 2018.

Exchange liquidity

Digibyte is noted on lots of exchanges, however the trading volume is reasonably thin. The most popular exchanges are Huobi and Bittrex, which represent about 68% of the everyday exchange volume.

In the last 24 hours, just $1.8 M worth of DGB have actually altered hands throughout all understood exchanges.

digibyte exchanges

Source: coinmarketcap

Token issuance design

Digibyte is mined with Proof ofWork However, the Digibyte job has a distinct method to how they handle their block benefit decrease and supply. With Bitcoin, the block benefit halves every 4 years, however with Digibyte there are more regular drops of 1% monthly.

The21,000,000,000 tokens will be totally released by 2035, 21 years from their launch.

Security design

Digibyte declares to be more protected, however why is this precisely? Well, something they have choosing them is their five-algorithm mining procedure. DGB permits blocks to be mined with Sha256, Scrypt, Groestl, Skein & & Qubit.

They describe the security ramifications by stating:

You can mine DigiByte on among 5 different mining algorithms. Each algo averages out to mine 20% of brand-new blocks. This permits much higher decentralization than other blockchains. In order for an aggressor to hardfork DigiByte the enemy would require to control 93% of the hashrate on 1 algo, and 51% of the other 4 making DigiByte far more protected versus PoW attacks than other blockchains. – Digibyte FAQ

We currently spoke about how the job was open source, so that’s a take advantage of a security viewpoint, considering that coders operating in the open are frequently more careful about code that can be seen by everybody.


Digibyte does not appear to have a real whitepaper, however they do have a statement post on the Bitcoin talk online forum, which will do well enough for our functions. You can discover this thread here.

I discovered the thread to be rather dull, as item distinction appears to come from simply blending and matching existing code and algorithms. For example, if the primary benefits originate from a couple of, simple to make modifications, then what’s stopping Bitcoin from executing those exact same modifications and totally damaging the worth include of Digibyte?

This useful video link was consisted of.

Source: YouTube


Digibyte is active on Twitter and on Reddit, so let’s take a look at the user activity on these platforms.

digibyte twitter

Source: Twitter

As we can see they have 156 k fans, which is okay.

reddit user base

Source: Reddit

Digibyte has 19.5 k customers on Reddit, which is small compared to Bitcoin (961 k) and Ethereum (400 k). However, comparing a little coin to Bitcoin and Ethereum isn’t actually reasonable, so let’s compare it to the number 35 and 37 cryptocurrencies by market cap – Bitcoin Diamond (BCD-USD) and Siacoin (SC-USD) respectively.

cryptos by market cap

Source: coinmarketcap

As you can see from the table listed below, Digibyte has the most Twitter fans when compared to the next bigger and next smaller sized cryptos noted by market cap. It has the 2nd most customers on Reddit, and the most combined followers/subscribers in general.


TwitterFollowers RedditSubscribers Total
BitcoinDiamond 24 k 249 242 k
Digibyte 156 k 195 k 1755 k
Siacoin 108 k 315 k 1395 k



As I discussed previously, Digibyte relies greatly on code composed by the Bitcoin core group. At the exact same time, they’re attempting to contend versus Bitcoin and state that they’re advanced. But I have a difficult time swallowing this.


While I do have my appointments about this token, it does have some fascinating homes. The several algorithm method might undoubtedly have the result of making the mining and token circulation more decentralized. When compared to other cryprocurrencies of the exact same size, Digibyte does have a more active neighborhood and likewise has the benefit of being around for numerous years.

So, I would state the jury is still out on this job. Maybe they will acquire a benefit from being simple to utilize, or perhaps their faster deal times will enable them to catch spillover results from the next crypto bubble. What do you people believe? If you have ideas, please publish them listed below.

If you have feedback on this brand-new post series please connect too.

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Written by Ravi Gupat

Ravi grew up in India and graduated in Economics. He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and exited several companies in tech and media over the past 15 years. He is also an early stage investor and advisor in various blockchain-based companies.

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