Crypto Treat Mission

Crypto Treat’s mission is to chronicle the blockchain movement and create a forum for critical discussions among those building a more productive and inclusive digital economy.

Editorial Independence

We maintain principles of fairness, accuracy, objectivity and responsible reporting. We uphold principles of excellence in reporting original news and in reviewing and corroborating information from other sources.

The editorial team will cover news with objectivity and integrity, without influence of the publisher or its owners and investors. Crypto Treat does not accept payment in return for news articles, features or product reviews.


Editorial Transparency

All editorial team members and writers for Crypto Treat disclose investments and activities associated with digital currency.

The following FAQs are intended to provide additional clarity on Crypto Treat, its leadership and the investments of its owners.

Included are answers to common questions about the activities of Crypto Treat and its owners with respect to the digital currency and blockchain-based asset markets.

Who Owns Crypto Treat?

Crypto Treat is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group.

Who Founded Crypto Treat?

Crypto Treat was started in 2017 by crypto investors.


Do Crypto Treat Employees Own or Trade Digital Currencies?

Crypto Treat employees are not restricted from owning or investing in digital currencies or blockchain-based projects as investments.

However, Crypto Treat has disclosure guidelines that all contributors must follow when reporting on digital currencies or tokens in which they are invested.


  • Contributors who write about projects or startups in which they have invested must disclose those investments in their user bios, which can be accessed freely by clicking on their byline.
  • Crypto Treat contributors may use, purchase or handle digital currencies in conjunction with researching or reporting on a story. Any funds generated in the process of researching an article must be disclosed at the bottom of that article.
  • Crypto Treat contributors who own digital currencies or tokens in material amounts (defined as more than $500) are required to disclose this information in their user bios.

Does Crypto Treat Endorse Any Digital Currencies?

Crypto Treat does not take positions on the economic value on any given digital currency or blockchain project.

How Does Crypto Treat Make Money?

Crypto Treat earns money through events, research and advertising.

The company does not trade or invest in digital currency markets. The company does not own or hold positions in any digital currencies, nor is it active in any digital currency markets.

Crypto Treat accepts payment in bitcoin across its product lines. However, we work with bitcoin payment processors to instantly convert those funds to US dollars.

Where Can I Learn More About Your Editorial Policies? 

Have additional questions? Email us at!