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Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Three: Winning In Sideways And Bear Markets

All buying and selling is playing.

Some folks refuse to imagine it however that doesn’t change it.

As a society we’ve managed to decorate up the large inventory exchanges with an air of refined superiority. It’s not a recreation of likelihood or a numbers racket. It’s “investing.”

“Real’ traders like Warren Buffet look down their noses at extra risky derivatives markets and cryptocurrency as a result of they’re not civilized. Surely he’s proper and the New York Stock Exchange isn’t the identical as buying and selling Bitcoin on Poloniex or enjoying Poker in Vegas? The main markets have excessive liquidity and many gamers, circuit breakers and quarterly earnings experiences so it’s acquired to be completely different, proper?

Investopedia actually doesn’t need you pondering investing is playing:

Gambling…is a zero-sum game. It merely takes cash from a loser and offers it to awinner. No worth is ever created. By investing, we improve the general wealth of an financial system. As corporations compete, they improve productiveness and develop merchandise that may make our lives higher. Don’t confuse investing and creating wealth with playing’s zero-sum recreation.”

That’s good. Except it’s improper.

The markets are a zero sum recreation. When you win, another person loses. When you lose, another person wins. The market matches folks all the world over in probably the most large zero sum recreation each dreamed up by the superior monkeys we referred to as people. (Not everybody agrees, after all. See my word on the finish.)

And it certain feels good to say we’re contributing to the general well being of the financial system by placing our cash into corporations however that actually has nothing to do with something. Of course investing in initiatives and firms has deeper societal worth than the roulette wheel however that doesn’t change one easy truth:

When you set cash into the promote it’s not since you’re supporting the corporate out of the goodness of your coronary heart or since you wish to see the general financial system booming.

You’re doing it since you hope that you simply’ll get more cash out than you set in.


Whether you’re betting all of it on a hand of Poker or the subsequent biotech inventory powerhouse you’re enjoying a recreation of likelihood.

What you’re doing is guessing that you realize the longer term higher than anybody else. You imagine that the corporate you’re investing in will proceed to create good merchandise and it’ll go up in worth and offer you your a refund after which some.

But you don’t actually know.

No matter what number of analysts newsletters you learn or quarterly experiences you pour over, there is no such thing as a assure the corporate will proceed to do good. How many instances have you ever learn this within the high quality print of something you’ve ever put your cash into?

“Past performance is not indicative of future results.”

In different phrases simply because one thing did nicely up to now doesn’t imply it would maintain doing nicely. A billion variables might tank that firm and trigger you to lose each purple cent. Whether it’s a battle of board members, a black swan occasion, a altering market place, a failed product launch or a horrible rash of turnovers, something may cause an organization that made cash yesterday to cease earning profits at the moment.

When Warren Buffet picked Coca Cola (NYSE:KO) after its enterprise tanked within the face of the quick rising well being/train market in addition to rising competitors from sugary, candy Pepsi (NYSE:PEP), he’s betting he is aware of one thing you don’t know.

He believes that regardless of what number of treadmills and Nike (NYSE:NKE) sneakers get bought the world is not going to lose its style for the basic, iconic comfortable drink. After the health craze passes and the obsession with Pepsi reaches its peak, he’s speculating the Coke enterprise will get better and he’ll make more cash than he put in.

That’s playing. I get it. The time period has a detrimental cost to it. Gambling is unhealthy and investing is nice. Except the maths is precisely the identical. Period. When you set cash into any market, prefer it or not, you’re enjoying cube with the universe.


The drawback is one in all perception.

Most of us don’t wish to imagine that buying and selling and investing are video games of likelihood (or that life is)however when you recover from that phantasm you can begin to make significantly better selections.

Let go of the detrimental cost related to the phrase “gambling” and you can begin to see what you’re doing for what it’s and it provides you with a bonus over others out there.

You received’t be shocked when the inventory market stops its relentless climb and turns south for months or years. You received’t be shocked when firm’s inventory doesn’t match the worth it generates, whereas an organization that’s never turned a profit in its entire life was wildly overvalued for a decade.

Markets will not be rational. People will not be rational and anybody who thinks that has by no means traded severely of their complete life. People are emotional, irrational, wild, loopy, silly, good and silly and the markets are nothing however areflection of the minds of billions of unstable actors in an open market, a collective hallucination of our fears and wishes.

When you wade into the ocean of the markets you’re wading right into a storm of absolute chaos.


Accepting the fact that playing, investing and buying and selling are one in the identical will assist you to keep in mind to carry your rain coat and umbrella into the storm.

Instead of finding out CNN and watching the information continually, you’ll begin finding out the maths behind video games of likelihood, and likelihood, recreation principle and statistics.

And the primary place that can lead you is to raised portfolio administration.

Perfecting Portfolio Management

One of crucial realizations you’ll ever come to in buying and selling is thatyour technique doesn’t matter as a lot as you suppose and your threat administration issues a hell of lot greater than you suppose.

Your entries right into a inventory or coin certain looks as if the important thing to glory and riches however I’ll offer you a system somewhat later that exhibits you simply how improper that actually is and why it’s best to care much less about entry and extra about exits and defending what you will have proper now.

No matter how good your alerts are or how good you get at selecting the businesses that can change the world 5 years from now, you’re going to be improper. And you’re going to be improper rather a lot. That means you’ll should endure durations of dropping cash, also called “draw downs.”

The markets received’t offer you a predictable stream of earnings like a wage, your cash will get made in bunches. And it’s misplaced in bunches too.

That’s likelihood at work.

Probability involves us from the seventeenth century when professional gambler and author Antoine Gambaud began dropping huge time cash and reached out to the good French mathematician Blaise Pascal to determine why. Gambaud appreciated to name himself the Chevalier de Méré, aka the knight of the Méré, and he used to guess he’d nail a minimum of one ace when rolling 4 sided cube. That made him good cash constantly.

But he acquired bored and he acquired grasping.

He figured if that labored he might make much more if he guess twice as a lot.


The ebook Probability, Decisions and Games: A Gentle Introduction in R by Abel Rodriguez and Bruno Mendezs tells us that didn’t work out so nicely:

Suddenly, he was dropping cash!

De Méré was dumbfounded.

He reasoned that two aces in two rolls are 1/ 6 as doubtless as one ace in a single roll. To compensate for this decrease likelihood, the 2 cube ought to be rolled six instances. Finally, to attain the likelihood of 1 ace in 4 rolls, the variety of the rolls ought to be elevated fourfold.

They dig into the maths behind it extensively so I received’t rehash it right here however mainly it boils right down to he cranked up his threat and dialed down his possibilities of successful by shifting to 2 cube and rising the variety of rolls.

And similar to {that a} good technique turned a foul technique as a result of De Méré didn’t perceive the maths behind the sport he was enjoying.

In the ebook Market Wizards, the writer asks legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones:

Q: “What is the most important advice you could give the average trader?”

A: “Don’t focus on making money; focus on protecting what you have.”

He’s speaking about portfolio administration, aka defending towards threat. Portfolio administration is basically the science of statistics and likelihood utilized to video games of likelihood.

Think about it for a second. When somebody tells you to diversify your belongings and “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” they’re speaking about find out how to take care of the truth that a few of your guesses as you gamble out there will go towards you. If you threat an excessive amount of, you threat wiping out your complete portfolio. If you wipe out your complete portfolio you’ll be able to’t play the sport anymore and also you’re going house along with your tail between your legs.

Here’s a breakdown of the maths behind diversification of your belongings from a course at NYU on “Elementary Portfolio Mathematics.”

If you don’t like math don’t fear. You can nonetheless get understanding of likelihood even with out doing all the maths your self. Just skip the humorous little symbols arising for now.

But right here’s a system for these of you that like formulation. It exhibits an funding’s contribution to threat in a portfolio:


It involves you from this blog the place you’ll be able to examine all the wonderful math behind these humorous little symbols should you’re so inclined.

Basically the system is displaying the danger of particular person belongings weighted, in addition to how correlated they’re, that means how related belongings are prone to burn your complete home down. If you will have too many valuable metals, they’re all prone to tank directly and that makes them extremely correlated, whereas treasuries and valuable metals are most likely inversely correlated more often than not.


I’m not going to undergo the system right here as a result of it would eat up a variety of house and time and bore most of my readers however try the hyperlink to the weblog or the NYU doc if you wish to dig into it. If you want a refresher on math symbols or by no means studied them in any respect than I like to recommend the ebook Mathematical Notation: A Guide for Scientists and Engineers.

For now although, overlook the maths.

What’s vital is that this:

Most buying and selling books focus an excessive amount of on the technique for choosing and selecting belongings and never sufficient on what actually issues, decreasing your threat as you gamble.

Those books provide the phantasm which you can develop a system to constantly outperform the overwhelming majority of different people, whereas outlasting black swan occasions and main economics crashes however the truth is most techniques don’t carry out nicely over a protracted sufficient time line.Moving averages, technical evaluation and elementary evaluation solely get you thus far earlier than you’re enjoying a recreation of cube as soon as extra.

That’s the place portfolio administration comes into the image.

You can get tremendous difficult with formulation for managing your threat and allocating these belongings. How many are associated? How a lot diversification is an excessive amount of diversification? How many belongings must you personal at one time?

Here’s an entire book on optimal portfolio allocation and leverage alone.

But earlier than going there although let’s concentrate on a a lot less complicated method to scale back your threat: Bet sizing.

Place Your Bets

Any dealer value their salt will inform you it’s best to by no means threat greater than 1% or 2% on a single commerce. But what does that actually imply anyway?


We can take a look at the issue quite a lot of alternative ways.

The most simple approach is to easily put not more than 1% of your whole portfolio capital right into a single commerce. That’s efficient as a result of even should you get completely worn out on that commerce you’ll be able to’t lose multiple %.

It’s additionally utterly ineffective for long run good points and I don’t imagine any dealer is utilizing that system, even when they inform you that on Twitter so that you don’t lose your shirt and go blaming them.

Here’s why.

If you’ll be able to solely put 1% of your cash down right into a commerce you will have 99% of your cash sitting on the sidelines. Even should you pyramid into that successful commerce, the method of including more cash to a commerce that’s going your approach, most techniques advise not more than 4% piled right into a single commerce.

That’s nonetheless some huge cash sitting on the sidelines doing nothing in any respect. And that’s simply the primary drawback with this methodology of threat management.

The second drawback is that it is advisable to maintain discovering new belongings so you may get your entire cash into the market and meaning you need to discover plenty of winners and that truly begins to work towards you since you received’t discover plenty of winners, just some winners more than likely.

If you will have dozens of belongings they are going to begin to blur collectively into an unpleasant common mess, dragging down your winners regardless that your losers acquired averaged out. One or two of them may lose huge and two extra may go to the moon however most of them will sit proper in the course of the distribution curve supplying you with a median return and that’s not that superior.


That means you lowered your threat however you actually didn’t make all that a lot cash both. Low threat normally equates to low reward.

Let’s take a look at another method to calculate the 1% rule, which permits us to take greater bets on any give commerce however nonetheless protects our portfolio from catastrophic loss.

A Better 1%

What we’re going to do is place greater bets and get extra of your cash working for you by making a cease loss system. I take advantage of a variation on the Turtle Traders trailing stop loss, which is the ATR or Average True Range instances a multiplier. So I may need ATR X 2. That tells me the place to set my cease loss on any given commerce.

There are just a few issues with the trailing cease loss although. The ATR is a measure of volatility and when a coin will get tremendous uneven that volatility will get loopy. You may find yourself with a large hole between the present worth and your cease. It may very well be 5% or 8%, which is a a lot greater loss than 1% and it places you at a a lot increased threat.

So how can we repair that?

Simple. First, we calculate the delta between the present worth and the present cease. We’ll use spherical numbers in our examples to maintain it simple to know.

Let’s say Bitcoin is at $8,000. Your cease loss calculation places the present cease at $7,700, a $300 distinction on a single Bitcoin.

Now that we’ve that delta we will use that to determine find out how to threat only one% of our whole buying and selling stack on a single commerce. Let’s fake you will have $100,000 in whole money to threat.

$100,000 X .01 = $1,000.

At most we wish to threat solely $1,000 on this commerce. So let’s divide the delta of the present worth and our cease loss by 1000.

1000 / 300 = 3.33

That means we will purchase as much as 3.33 Bitcoins, if we set the cease loss to $7,700, as a result of on every Bitcoin we solely stand to lose $300 if the commerce goes towards us. With 3.33 Bitcoins the overall loss on all of them would equal $1,000 or 1% of our portfolio.

The great thing about that’s we will put more cash into every commerce, whereas nonetheless controlling our down facet. In this case we put $26,666 {dollars} of our $100,000 into this single commerce, which supplies us the potential to understand extra compounding good points ought to the commerce go in our favor.

Of course, with each portfolio administration technique there’s a draw back. On one hand we’ve elevated our likelihood at maximizing good points however we’ve additionally elevated our whole threat. Let’s see why.

In the essential technique outlined earlier you threat only one% of our cash, which within the case of a $100,000 portfolio means we solely put $1,000 right into a single Bitcoin commerce. No matter what occurs we can’t lose greater than that $1000 {dollars}.

But within the technique I simply outlined we’re completely depending on our cease loss triggering accurately. Any dealer will inform you, that doesn’t all the time go in line with plan.

There are variety of methods it will probably go improper on you. Let’s see how.

You can set a stop limit loss, which lets you set a set off worth and a worth you’re prepared to promote it at. You may use a market stop loss, which triggers on the worth you set and sells on the going fee. Both have benefits and downsides and each may kill you for various causes.

In specific, a market cease loss in cryptocurrency buying and selling can ship an actual blow to your buying and selling profession.

The cypto exchanges are nonetheless comparatively immature versus the key exchanges they usually don’t have as many protections inbuilt. We’ve seen quite a lot of “flash crashes” in the previous couple of years. That signifies that the value may go from $8,000 to $3,000 in 5 seconds earlier than bouncing proper again up, whether or not that’s resulting from a large whale dumping in the marketplace, a bug within the exchange code or one thing else. A market cease loss executes at regardless of the present worth is, so you might get crammed at $3,000 a a lot, a lot greater loss than 1%.

A cease restrict is simpler to regulate nevertheless it’s additionally one thing of a darkish artwork to get proper. In a cease restrict you set the “trigger” worth and the “stop” worth at completely different ranges. You may select a set off worth of $7,725 and a cease restrict worth of $7,700. That signifies that when the market hits $7,725, you’ll enter an computerized promote order of $7,700, which is prone to get crammed a lot quicker as a result of it’s under the place the present worth motion is and that provides you a bonus.

But it’s no assure.

Set your restrict worth improper and also you may get up to search out the value plunged by way of your cease and get up to a 15% loss on the cash you risked. With the technique I outlined that may quantity to 5-8% of your portfolio (or worse) and it doesn’t take many 8% losses to take you out of the sport for good.


Any severe portfolio technique must take into consideration a risk {that a} cease loss fails to set off among the time and you should utilize Monte Carlo analysis to inform you how doubtless that’s to destroy your portfolio utterly. We received’t go into the maths on that right here however you’ll be able to work it out should you dig into books like Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems: A Trader’s Journey From Data Mining to Monte Carlo Simulation to Live Trading by Kevin J. Davey.

There are an enormous variety of completely different portfolio and threat administration methods. Start finding out them now and it’ll solely make your buying and selling stronger.

Pick one. Stick to it. Do not deviate. Ever.

Now let’s take a look at one other approach likelihood may also help you win in a sideways market or uneven market.

Taking Scalps

Scalping is the processing of taking smaller wins out there when the market is bouncing round on you. There are 1000’s of superior methods to do it however I wish to present you a easy approach that can blow your thoughts.

Flipping a coin.


That’s proper. We are going to guess on our entries into any coin. Our lengthy or quick shall be completely random.

Maybe you suppose that your coin selecting technique is vastly superior to random likelihood however random methods typically do extremely nicely in inventory technique competitions.

We normally discover that somebody entered the technique as a joke however what if it’s not a joke in any respect?

In an article for Forbes, Rick Ferri tells a few analysis group that simulated monkeys throwing darts to select shares:

In 1973 when Princeton University professor Burton Malkiel claimed in his bestselling ebook, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, that “A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s monetary pages might choose a portfolio that may just do in addition to one fastidiously chosen by experts.”

“Malkiel was wrong,” acknowledged Rob Arnott, CEO of Research Affiliates, whereas talking on the IMN Global Indexing and ETFs convention earlier this month. “The monkeys have done a much better job than both the experts and the stock market.”

So let’s strive our personal coin flip technique in all seriousness as a method to scalp throughout a crappy sideways market and see why it truly works.

A commerce can go one in all two methods, for you or towards you. It’s actually a 50/50 shot. That signifies that should you ignore every part else, the information, exponential shifting averages, all method of indicators, Ouiga boards, fluid dynamics, ocean tide cycles and easily flip a coin it’s best to common out to being proper 50% of the time.

Of course should you solely get it proper 50% of the time you’re going to lose aren’t you? Your wins ought to equal your losses however that’s not truly the way it works out.

On any given buying and selling interval we’ve quite a lot of trades that go actually improper or actually proper. Think about that distribution curve once more. Most trades will give us a median return or loss, one thing like 68.2% of the trades. But a few of them will give us outsized good points or outsized losses. During our buying and selling run we’d get fortunate and get solely the string of outsized wins or we might get severely unfortunate and get a string of horrible losses that wipe us out.

Let’s return to the ebook Probability, Decisions and Games: A Gentle Introduction in R and take a look at the graph of a coin flipped 5000 instances. Over time the flips of the coin ought to common out to 50% however on a shorter time line it will probably get wildly out of whack. Notice the way it fluctuates exterior of the typical for lengthy durations of time.


That means we could have streaks within the quick and even the long run. Those streaks are prone to wipe us out earlier than we ever get again to the typical.

But what if we might management that draw back whereas benefiting from the upside? We can do this with a cease loss once more. Let’s return to our technique of setting the cease loss to a max of 1%.

Now we’re capping our loss at 1% each time as we flip our coin. If a commerce goes towards us, and supplied we don’t blow by way of our cease, we must always solely ever lose about 1%, give or take slippage. But our upside is uncapped. And that’s the place it will get fascinating.

Our coin flip technique will be augmented in quite a lot of methods too. We can do an evaluation of varied cash and discover the most risky ones and determine how a lot they transfer on common any given day. We could make the volatility work for us. Let’s say that we discover that Bitcoin strikes a median of 4% up or down every day. That would allow us to design our exit technique.

We may resolve to shut the commerce on the identical time every single day or as quickly as a revenue of 4% is hit or we’d let it run and transfer our cease loss up every single day to make sure that we keep in revenue.

We might use easy heuristics like determining whether or not costs have been up or down for the final week and what number of days on common after which simply guess lengthy or quick for the subsequent week each time and never flip a coin in any respect.

Not solely that however we will use good threat administration to guard our cash much more successfully. Let’s see how.

When folks hear {that a} coin flip will give them 50% heads and tails they think about that can occur on a regular basis nevertheless it’s not the case. On any given day, week, month or yr I’d get a string of 5 or ten heads in a row. We may additionally see ten trades go towards us, two go nice, then 10 extra go towards us as soon as extra.

Let’s say we made 10% on the 2 trades that went nicely and misplaced 1% on every commerce that went towards us. That provides us 20% loss on these trades for a 10% total loss once we subtract it from our wins. It received’t be lengthy earlier than you’re out of enterprise with that sort of consequence, particularly should you acquired unfortunate and your winners solely returned one thing like 3% whole as a substitute of 10%.

But we will shield towards that by decreasing the quantity of threat on every commerce that goes towards us.

For instance, let’s say that if we’ve a foul streak and three trades go towards us in a row. To mitigate that we arrange a brand new rule and put lower than 1% on every commerce, one thing like .0075%, decreasing our cease till the trades begin to go in our favor once more after which we bounce again as much as 1%. We might additionally do the other and improve our threat on every commerce when the sport goes in our favor.

All of those methods will flip you into knowledgeable market gambler, whether or not you’re utilizing a random coin flip entry or some fancy volatility calculator coupled with a sophisticated quant algorithm you developed your self that takes under consideration solar spots and Twitter sentiment.

But it doesn’t matter what technique you employ, likelihood will make you higher at it.

Vegas Baby

Everyone likes to think about that once they put cash into the promote it’s much more excessive minded than the native playing addict enjoying the slots in Vegas. In one sense that’s true.


Gambling dependancy destroys lives and I received’t make gentle of this illness. But that doesn’t change the maths that tells us cube video games and markets behave very equally. Only you realize when you have the self management to play the markets or play Vegas often.

Everyone is completely different.

Personally, I hate to lose cash with a ardour. I’ve by no means misplaced greater than $20 in Vegas as a result of I simply can’t threat it on the roulette wheel or craps however I’ve no drawback placing cash into the market.

There is a distinction nevertheless it’s solely on the floor degree. That likelihood beneath it’s precisely the identical.

For me finding out likelihood and video games isn’t about changing into a degenerate gambler it’s about stacking the chances in my favor towards the home.Understanding actuality because it truly is helps you on this pursuit. Believing it’s one thing aside from what it’s hurts your determination making.

If you dig right into a ebook like The Mathematics of Games and Gambling by Edward Packel some video games are a lot worse than others whenever you peer into their numerical underpinnings. Slots are for suckers. Slots are totally rigged towards you intentionally.

Blackjack then again is cut up about evenly between you and the home.

And Poker?

That’s a complete class in and of itself as a result of whereas it has utterly random points, it additionally has a human variable as a result of you’ll be able to bluff even when the playing cards went towards you. That takes it out of the realm of completely random likelihood and offers you a bonus versus different video games.

The identical will be stated of the sport of the markets.

Markets have a historic bias in the direction of going up over time. There can also be the very human side of our hopes, goals and wishes that get mirrored in that collective hallucination of time and cash we name an exchange. All of that provides you an edge over a pure cube roll.

But not a lot.

It’s nonetheless a recreation. There are winners and losers, blind likelihood, luck, ability and extra all sure up in buying and selling.

Shed your illusions and buying and selling turns into a winnable recreation of likelihood. Keep pretending you’re higher than likelihood and also you’ll find yourself on the quick finish of the cube roll.

The quicker you come to phrases with actuality the quicker you can begin to get one up on Wall Street.


UPDATE: 5/30/2018 1:34 PM: Not everybody agrees with me that the markets are a zero sum recreation. They name it a positive sum game as a result of folks/firms can add to the overall pool, rising the financial system and no person loses on that commerce once they purchase new shares (a minimum of not till somebody sells/trades them later, which is a delayed or uneven zero sum recreation, primarily including “the board” as a participant.)

Three issues:

  1. It modifications none of my different factors.
  2. In my humble opinion, that is actually enjoying with semantics to name it optimistic zero sum or fixed zero sum, even when the pool is rising. Eventually the sport sums to zero for the overall pool on a given day, even when the motion is delayed, aka uneven.
  3. Never take something I say at face worth. Think for your self. I don’t know every part.

Disclosure: I/we’ve no positions in any shares talked about, however might provoke a protracted place in ETH-USD, BTC-USD over the subsequent 72 hours.

DISCLAIMER: Be an enormous boy or woman and make your individual selections about the place to place your hard-earned cash. I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation and if I actually need to inform you this then it’s finest to maintain your cash beneath a mattress anyway as a result of whenever you lose it you’ll solely blame different folks to your errors somewhat than your self.

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