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Cardano Partners With Konfidio

The Zug-based Cardano Foundation announced on Thursday (August 15) that it had entered into a strategic partnership with Berlin-based blockchain specialist Konfidio.

Cardano Foundation

The development of the Cardano platform is determined by three organizations:

  • Cardano Foundation, the responsibilities of which are overseeing the development of Cardano and its ecosystem, “protecting and promoting” Cardano, and “advocating on behalf of the users and community of the protocol”);
  • Input Output HK (IOHK), which is responsible for designing and building Cardano; and
  • Emurgo, which is “the for-profit arm working to boost the Cardano ecosystem through commercial ventures”.

The main goals of the Cardano Foundation are “driving adoption of Cardano, shaping legislation and commercial standards, growing the global Cardano community, ensuring stakeholder accountability, and facilitating partnerships.”

It is with regard to this last goal that Cardano Foundation has decided to partner Konfidio.


Konfidio, which was founded in 2016, is based in Berlin, Germany.

It has two main businesses:

  • a blockchain accelerator program called “KAP!”
  • a blockchain venture studio, with ventures that “range from micro-insurance to decentralized energy platforms, all utilizing the Kstack technology created in house”

A New Strategic Partnership

In a blog post published on Thursday (August 15), Bakyt Azimkanov, the Communications and Marketing Director for the Cardano Foundation, said that the purpose of this partnership with Konfidio is “to accelerate blockchain models with corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and governments.”

Furthermore, he said that they hope that this partnership will initially focus on “real-world business cases” in “banking, logistics, pharmaceutical industries and trade finance, with government and public service use cases to follow.”

Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, had this to say:

Our strategic partnership with Konfidio is yet another tangible step towards promoting and advocating Cardano and, more importantly, driving its real-life use cases. Konfidio’s homebase, Berlin, is a major global blockchain center and its worldwide relevance will help us put the spotlight on our one-of-its-kind platform. Our collaboration will also afford the Cardano Foundation an increased visibility in Germany and Europe.

As for Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, Co-Founder and CEO of Konfidio, he stated:

After having researched all the Turing-complete blockchains, we believe the third generation blockchain of Cardano is best-placed to ensure the stability and business continuity of real-life business models. We are working with both global corporates and the German Mittelstand and will use Cardano’s revolutionary dual-layer architecture in developing complex Turing-complete transaction platforms. This strategic partnership will help the development of real-world Cardano-based applications.

Featured Image Courtesy of Cardano Foundation

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